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Interested in Volunteering?

As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we constantly welcome enthusiastic volunteers, and there are numerous meaningful ways you can contribute! Fill out our contact form and we'll get you connected.

Phone banking

Elevate your impact as a phone banking volunteer, connecting with the community, sharing information, and fostering meaningful conversations for positive change—one call at a time.

Volunteering at the Office

Deepen your impact by volunteering at our office, where your time and skills contribute to our collective mission, creating a positive environment and fostering a sense of community—each task, a meaningful step towards our shared goals.

Precinct Walking

Step into the heart of community engagement by becoming a precinct walking volunteer, where every step brings you closer to connecting with residents, sharing information, and making a positive impact on a personal level—one neighborhood at a time.

Registering Voters

Empower democracy by becoming a voter registration volunteer, where your efforts directly contribute to civic engagement, amplify voices, and play a vital role in shaping our community's future—one registration at a time.

Helping at Fundraisers

Make a difference with us by getting involved in fundraising events; your contribution, whether through support, coordination, or hands-on assistance, brings us closer to our goals and strengthens our community bonds—one event at a time.

Ballot Harvesting

Engage directly in the democratic process by participating in our ballot harvesting efforts, where your involvement ensures that every vote is collected, contributing to a robust representation of the community's voice and reinforcing the core of our democratic values—one ballot at a time.

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