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El Dorado Central Committee

What we do

The El Dorado County Republican Party is governed by its Central Committee, comprised of members elected during Presidential Election years, each serving a dedicated four-year term. Our Committee proudly includes Republican nominees for Congress and the State Legislature as Ex-Officio members, ensuring a comprehensive representation of our party's values.

The Executive Committee takes charge of managing Committee agendas, conducting candidate interviews, and addressing urgent business that requires attention before the next Committee meeting. Recognizing the importance of participation, Committee Members have the option to appoint an Alternate who can represent them in monthly meetings when they are unable to attend.

In the event of vacancies on the Committee, a thoughtful and democratic process is followed, with replacements determined through a vote by the entire Central Committee. This structure ensures the robust and inclusive representation of the El Dorado County Republican Party, reinforcing our commitment to advancing conservative principles and positively shaping the political landscape of our county.

Committee Members

District Lines.gif

Supervisorial District I

Joy Knight

Debbie Munter

Kelley Nalewaja

Chuck Smith

Supervisorial District IV

Oscar Bejarano

Maggie Bolling

Sandy Hopkins

Joan Matheson

Supervisorial District II

Gay Willyard

Heather Masten

Jenny Carlsen

Supervisorial District V

Doug Williams

Supervisorial District III

Aaron Bates

Ed Faulkenstein

Mandi Rodriquez

Dave Zelinsky

Ex-Officio Members

Terry Gherardi,

Tom McClintock, District 5

Todd Story

Joe Patterson, District 5

Todd White

Kevin Kiley, District 3

Travis Parsons

Ted Gaines State Board of Equalization

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